We are still operating via our very active Facebook group – we are on-line only at the moment but hope to be back to meet ups, parties and playgroups really soon!

Welcome…and breathe. We know how precious time can be when you have one baby, let alone multiples. Regardless of whether you are a bump in waiting or are already a parent of twins, triplets or more: SYMBA is here to help.

We offer support, advice, reassurance and hopefully lots of fun. On what is, let’s face it, an incredible adventure! Just remember: when you feel you can’t go on; you’re in the middle of endless nappy changes and feeding and you haven’t slept for what feels like a decade, you will go in your babies’ room, and each one will give you their morning smile and the stress seems to ebb away. Your life will be constantly full of laughter, and the words mummy and daddy will soon resonate everywhere. And the cuddles, well, they will be endless and it will all be worthwhile.

Membership to SYMBA is free, and being part of our club has so many benefits so please take a moment to have a look around our site.

We also have a secret Facebook page for our members; come and meet us all virtually, and make some friends for life!

And finally…  we hope to see you soon at one of our member events. Good luck, hang in there.

Click here for our membership application!

“Through attending playgroup Ive built my confidence in getting out and about with both babies on my own and met some fantastic multiples mummys. A guaranteed hot drink has been a huge plus too!”

” it’s the ability to ask for advice… Share happy and sad stories… Laughs and tears and travel on the multiple parent journey with others who truly do understand even at 3am !”