Finding out you are expecting more than one baby can be both exciting and terrifying, all at the same time! Our antenatal support aims mainly to offer reassurance to help you realise that you will cope just fine! We do this by offering a number of antenatal talks throughout the year.

There are talks available via Jessops in Sheffield, and Carron Charlesworth delivers Practical Preparing for Parenthood survival classes in conjunction with the national multiples charity Twins Trust.

The Jessop Wing at the Hallamshire hospital runs antenatal classes especially for parents to be of multiples. These sessions are run by midwives where they will talk about labour, infant feeding, practical care of babies, safety, your support network and how life might change for you as a parent. Jessops recommend attending a multiples session when you are 20-35 weeks pregnant. This is a bit earlier than the recommended time for single pregnancies. To book please refer to Jessops directly.

For people who are not living in Sheffield or who are not under Jessops, you will be benefit from attending a Twins Trust class. These talks are open to everyone and you don’t have to be a Twins Trust member to attend. They cover the practical side of preparing for and coping with newborns and include what equipment to buy, preparing for the babies’ arrival, sleeping, feeding and the day to day routine of looking after more than one baby. For more details about these talks, please contact SYMBA, at

Members can also join us on our very active secret Facebook group, to chat to others who have been there, and done that, and gain some valuable tips and advice. See Membership tab for more details.