Buddy scheme

Becoming parents to multiples can come with a variety of emotions from elation, frustration, happiness, sadness and those epic moments of joy that only having twins, triplets or more can bring. It can also be very daunting as expectant parents, or as a new mum or dad. Our Buddy Scheme aims to provide help and support at all stages; to try and make the journey as easy and fun as possible. There are no specific rules around the scheme – it’s there to try and build support and friendship groups to allow members the opportunity to chat with others, offer advice or talk through any problems, meet up together and be there to offload, as we all need to do on occasions!

Our Buddy Scheme is all about having someone understand what you’re going through who can offer advice or share your frustrations.

There are a variety of ways in which Buddies can help:-

  • Go for a walk, a picnic, to a play centre, or any other activity for yourselves or the kids
  • Dads support network
  • Attend SYMBA events or local classes with a friendly face
  • Be at the end of the phone for a chat or share a funny story
  • Meet up for a coffee
  • Be a Facebook friend – send messages and chat together

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