A great perk to SYMBA membership is our playgroup for families with multiples. It provides a chance to meet and chat with other parents of multiples, let children play in an environment where multiples are the norm, and have a very friendly and supportive group where despite everyone having at least 2 children, there is always help at hand!

It’s based in Sheffield and is open to all SYMBA members from pregnancy through to pre-school and siblings are welcome too.

There is a baby room, toddler and pre-school activity tables, home play area and outdoor play space. Teas/coffees for adults and a snack for children are provided and we finish with a singing session for everyone together. There is a voluntary contribution of 50p per family to cover tea/coffee and children’s snack

If you would like to know more about our playgroup please feel free to watch our video! or contact us via email. To attend play group please complete our membership application to join SYMBA

Playgroup video here!

A multiple friendly group is also available in Barnsley and Chesterfield and is a great opportunity to meet other parents of multiples.

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